The Experience

Culinary Adventure's vacations are an ideal combination of hands-on cooking, wine & cheese tasting, visits to bustling outdoor food markets and excursions to spectacular tourist attractions.

Our customized holidays to Italy, France and Spain are between 4 and 6 nights and typically include

  • 4 hands-on cooking lessons by the Master-Chef lasting 3-4 hours each
  • Delectable gourmet food and flowing wine either at your hotel or in specially selected restaurants
  • Visits to a cheese making farm or olive oil mill, and world class wineries for wine tasting
  • Spectacular sightseeing of Renaissance towns, breathtaking coastlines, medieval churches and imposing castles!
  • Shopping on the French Riviera or sun bathing on the beaches of the Costa Del Sol. 
  • Simply relaxing by the pool of your luxury hotel or indulging in a Spa treatment

In your hands-on cooking lessons you will get a master-class in regional specialties and favorites such as homemade pastas, flavorful sauces, succulent meat dishes, delicate seafood and out-of-the-world desserts. We offer specialized Vegetarian cooking too!

Our passion for the beautiful sun drenched countries of the Mediterranean has inspired us to offer you the best of its regional cuisine, wines and sightseeing.

You will return infused with the collage of flavors, aromas and vibrant colors of Tuscany, Amalfi, Provence, Loire, Burgundy and Andalusia and friendships and memories to last a lifetime!